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Principles of Management

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Module I:     Functions of Management
Concept of Management, Management as an Art or Science, The Process of Management, Managerial Skills, Good Managers are Born, not Made, Management is concerned with Ideas, Things and People, How a Manager Induces Workers to Put in Their Best, Levels and Types of Management, Evolution of Management Thought: Managerial Environment, The process of Management-Planning, Organizing, Directing, Staffing, Controlling.

Module II:    Marketing Function of Management.
Modern Concept of Marketing, The Functional Classification of Marketing, Functions of a Marketing Management, Marketing Mix, Fundamental Needs of Customers, The Role of Distribution channels in Marketing, Advertising, Marketing, Consumerism and Environmentalism.

Module III:   Financial Function & HRM Functions.
Financial Functions, Concept of Financial Management, Project Appraisal, Tools of
Financial decisions making, Overview of Working Capital.
HRM Function of Management: Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Importance of HRM, Overview of Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification, Labour Turnover. Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Training and Development, Placement, Wage and Salary Administration, Performance Appraisal, Grievance Handling, Welfare Aspects.